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Luke said...

One of my absolute favourite games, it's always a blast!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Fair Dinkum Combat Game

A unique & exciting combat floor-game for hands-on kids with thick skins. Nothing weeny or piddly here. No batteries, plastic bits or fragile parts. Just fair-dinkum, solid wood, hand-crafted gear that actually works! For 2 players (or teams), or 1 lonely bloke.

BATTLE OBJECTIVE: Be the first player to wipe-out all 3 opposing soldiers. Design and build a wooden fort to protect your soldiers, and then attack the enemy stronghold (NOT their heads, please) by hurling missiles with your catapult. Last man standing wins that battle. Mark your scores and RE-ENGAGE!

BATTLE STRATEGY: Position your 3 soldiers so that they are as protected from incoming missiles as possible. This may involve building forts and towers to surround or elevate them, thick walls to barricade them, or leaving them completely exposed (but standing sideways) so as to minimize target area.


‘Rules Of Engagement’ chart

2 fully-functional wheeled catapults

6 soldiers

44 wall and missile blocks

2 scoring blocks with markers

RULES of ENGAGEMENT: For 2 players or teams (or 1 lonely bloke).

Child supervision necessary for players over 21yrs of age.

Adult supervision necessary for players under 5yrs of age.

1. All soldiers must be standing on both their invisible feet during battle.

2. Players must be able to see some part of each enemy soldier from their firing position.

3. Fire one catapult at a time, taking turns (youngest player fires first).

4. Only move the position of your catapult just before firing your turn.

5. Any wall-blocks knocked down by the enemy may be fired as missiles.

6. All incoming missiles can be used to fire back at the enemy.

7. If you hit a bystander or corroborating civilian, you forfeit a shot.

8. If you hit a mother, break an ornament, or ruin a pudding, you must PANIC... (SOLDIERS DON”T CRY!) and negotiate strenuously.

9. Rubble and missiles can’t be touched or removed unless being fired.

10. A soldier that’s hit but not down is still in play. If he’s leaning, you must forfeit your next turn to heal him (stand him back in same position).

11. A soldier is only dead if he is lying completely flat. Once flat (dead), a soldier is NOT able to be healed (unless God intervenes).

12. Once a soldier is dead, you may ruthlessly use him as a missile and fire him at the enemy, as long as you don’t enjoy doing so.

13. If you hurl a dead soldier and he lands standing on his feet in the enemy camp, God has intervened, and he has been miraculously brought back to life. Lucky him.

14. If you hit your own soldier, the enemy scores the points (duh).

15. Siege ends when one player has simultaneously lost the lives of all 3 of his soldiers. Mark your scores and RE-ENGAGE!

SCORING (optional)

5 points for each of your soldiers alive at the end of the battle.

10 points for each soldier God has brought back to life.

1 point every time an enemy soldier is wounded.

1 point every time an enemy catapult is hit.

-1 point if you hit opponent catapult wielder in any way!


Catapults have fast-moving parts that hurl wooden blocks at speed across rooms at the perfect height for bonking a bloke square on the noggin when he is crouched on the floor in deadly concentration. DO NOT, under any circumstances (no matter how tempting), aim missiles near faces, windows, baby sisters, pets, puddings, ornaments, grand-parents, visitors, those you wish to never see again, etc.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Hand crafted from solid pine, sanded and stained. Guaranteed against faulty workmanship.

‘Rules Of Engagement’ chart

2 fully-functional wheeled catapults

6 soldiers

44 wall and missile blocks

2 scoring blocks with markers

Canvas storage bag

Copyright information

Copyright 2009, Caleb Griffiths, Whangarei, New Zealand.

NZ $120 + p&p

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